A software package created by Veritas to manage disks into RAID configurations comprised of volumes and plexes. Each of these volumes is a device which the operating system can talk to as a single, coherent unit. This arrangement is used primarily in enterprise computer systems.

Vxvm Comes gratis with assorted Sun disk arrays such as the Storedge A5000 series.

Provides a staggering assortment of possibilities and is, all things considered, an extemely flexible and infinitely powerful system with which to manage an obscene number of disks.

Often referred to as "Veritas volume mangler" owing mainly to its unfortunate habit of scattering small pieces of each volume over all available disks with the slightest provocation, neccesitating significant rebuild effort.

Veritas Volume Manager (vxvm) ships with a "Storage Administrator" GUI called "vmsa". This java-based monstrosity is so slow that the only positive side to it is that its speed forces people like me to learn how to use the command line interface, which is also much more flexible.

(Does not run on linux)

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