For those vegetarians out there fortunate enough to live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Veggie Flavour at 3048 Main (corner of 15th ave.) is a treat not to be missed (though this will only really benefit those of you who still yearn for the "unholy stench of murder" as Morrissey so blatantly put it).

Veggie Flavour is a meat substitute frozen food store. Everything, and I mean everything can be found there. From shrimp, duck, and chicken nuggets, to full salami and ham rolls, to king crab and lobster tails, all made from 100% soy protein.

Yves step aside! I kid you not. After not eating meat for close to 16 years, the joy of once again sinking my teeth into a ham steak (without the karma!) cannot possibly be described.

The prices are acceptible ($4.05 for 11 small crab sticks, $7.00 for a salami, $8.99 for a 500 gram bag of beef jerky), and the quality is out of this world.

When you walk in and see all the products they have, your first thought is "so they took tofu and shaped it into something that looks like crab meat, so what?" But you'll soon find out that you could trick even the most devout of meat eaters.

Open 6 days a week (Excluding Sundays), from 10:00 until 6:00.

Hesitant about just taking my word for it, no problem, samples are available for the asking.

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