This recipe makes a filling dinner for two, or servings for four people who have other dishes.

Cooking time is approximately 40 minutes.


Cook the tofu: Drain the tofu and cut it into cubes about 1 1/2 cm on each side. Put the vegetable oil into a large sauce pan or wok, set heat on medium, and put in tofu. While preparing other ingredients, make sure to stir and turn the tofu at least once a minute.

Cook the rice: Put the rice and water in a small pot (partially covered), set heat on high until water boils, then turn down to simmer until rice is dry (15-20 minutes).

Chop: Peel the water chestnuts and slice. Chop 1/2 bunch of cilantro. Cut the firm white and light-green part of the green onions into 1/2 cm bits. Set all these aside in bowl with snow peas. Cut 1-2 inches off of the head of cabbage and chop coarsely, removing any really hard bits from the center. Chop the garlic and ginger and set aside in another bowl. Cut the ends off the red peppers and cut them approximately in half. Set aside in a bowl with the cashews.

Sauce: Mix ingredients in any order but be sure to stir just before adding to stir fry.

Combine: When the tofu starts to brown, add the cabbage. It will look like a lot but it reduces. After maybe 10 minutes, when the tofu is brown but not yet hard to the touch, add the bowl of garlic and ginger and mix quickly. After 30 seconds, add the bowl of cilantro, water chestnuts, snow peas, and green onions. Mix and stir constantly for two minutes. Add the bowl of cashews and peppers and stir so as to avoid letting the peppers burn on the side of the pan. After 30 seconds, turn the heat up to high. stir the sauce one last time and add it. Allow this to simmer until the sauce has thickened- usually 30-60 seconds.

Serve over rice and eat. Beware of eating the peppers, though- they may be too much for some.

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