Valhalla is a hamlet in Westchester County, New York about 35 minutes north of New York City. Valhalla was originally named Davis Brook. Valhalla really was a great place to grow up. It is a small town with a population of about 5,000. It had a library, a prison, a train station, a huge cemetary, lots of woods, a reservoir, and the Kensico Dam (which prevented the reservior from spilling into the town), basically everything a growing boy needs. I moved away after fifth grade, but I know it would have been the ideal place to spend my high school years. There was only one cop for the entire town, and he drove a station wagon. The Kensico Dam would have been the ideal setting to hang out and do teenager things (smoke pot, take acid, fall in love). I like to drive through Valhalla every now and again and I know that one day I will move back.
Latitude: 41.090731
Longitude: -73.777383

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