(This is part of an experiment in hypertext fiction. See Bridgeborough, New Jersey for more information).

Born in Bridgeborough, New Jersey in April of 1959, she is the only daughter of Doctor Brandon Witcher's first marriage. Her mother is deceased. She never got along well with her step mother, but does keep in touch with her step sister and step brother. Valerie was also childhood friend to Evelyn Hallows, and thought her dead for many years. Valerie attended Bridgeborough University and recieved a bachelor of sciences degree, but rarely uses it. She works for her father as his administrative assistant, helping him in all things clerical and mundane, so her daddy can run off and be a paranormal investigator, debunker, occasional savior of the universe and all that other stuff that her daddy does.

She is completely spoiled by her father, and has access to his credit account. This causes occasional stress between them because she also loves to shop. Of all the strangeness in her father's life, Valerie works as an anchor to normality, and is his constant reminder to exactly why he fights for good: to insure his daughter continues to lead some resemblance of a normal life. His attempts have failed a few times, but thankfully he's saved her life many times too.

Once Valerie was captured by a cult of black pagans and Bewitcher sought the assistance of some purveyors of white magic to help him even the odds and rescue her. During the ensuing battle, Valerie accidently fell into a pool of what the black pagans believed to be a fountain of youth. Intended for their leader, Valerie's fall effectively ruined their attempts to achieve immortality, when the makeup in her purse accidently spoiled the water's rejuvenating abilities. However, it de-aged her in the process, and though at the time she was almost thirty, she now appears in her late teens and shows no sign of ever growing older.

Though she has many suitors, she's never married. Partially because she is married to her work, but also because deep down she knows that her family bloodline has a streak of magic in it which dates back to the Salem Witch Trials, and it skips a generation. So her children will have similar abilities to those of her Dad, and she doesn't think she can handle that. She's also quite thankful that it skipped her.

She works for many charities in Bridgeborough, New Jersey, including the Winston Brooks Memorial Wildlife Reserve. She's also a popular socialite among the upper class in the community, and between work and play keeps a very busy calendar.

She has dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and a sunny disposition regardless of what's going on. She's spunky, and uniquely resourceful. The newspapers have called her father many insulting things, but they rarely have anything bad to say about her. One once called her, "an ordinarily extraordinary woman in both oridinary and extraordinary circumstances." She liked that description so much she went to the newspaper and asked that reporter out on a date. That's Valerie.

For a time she attempted to start a group of superheroes she called Bewitcher's Brew when her father had disappeared and she wanted to hire people to find him for her. However, the group was short-lived, disbanding soon after Bewitcher's return.

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