This is the sort of thing people write 2 minute cinema shorts about, or write in to people magazines with the caption "It happened to me!" but there isn't anything hugely sensual about getting on a busy number 8 bus at Victoria Cross, standing near the centre door, reaching for the nearest vertical support and after a few minutes finding a petite, blonde business woman holding the same vertical support so closely that her torso - at one point her right breast - is rubbing obviously - to you only - against your fingers in slow, deliberate movements.

Well okay, it's maybe vaguely erotic, but it's nothing to get excited about.

And yet we see this sort of encounter all the time in.... er..... women's magazines, among others. So I'm told.

Are people so starved of, attention, intimacy or human touch that they crave such encounters?

Perhaps there is a need for society in general to get in touch with their touchy-feely side. But then maybe bus journeys won't be quite so interesting anymore.

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