VX Heavens is a computer virus resource site; "VX" stands for Virus eXchange. The URLs (or URIs) are:


VX Heavens went online on November 1, 1999. It has a library of articles, texts, and interviews relating to viruses and anti-virus tools, as well as complete copies of some computer crime laws. It has an often-updated news section with a list of the current top 20 viruses in the world. There are also many binaries, including actual viruses, virus creation tools, and polymorphic engines. The source code for all of the viruses is also provided.

Some sections of text, mostly the home page, are in slightly disjointed English, but it's really not distracting. There are a number of interesting drawings throughout the site, which are black on a light tan background. They're pretty surreal and artistic for a site primarily about viruses.

Note: A lot of things on VX Heavens detail activities which could be illegal. They don't condone breaking the law, and neither do I.
Also: The real plural of "virus" is "viruses", not "virii". It's a common mistake. Read the plural of virus for more info.

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