Latin for truth, iff'n I'm not mistaken.

There's an old (antique, even!) saying: In vino veritas - in wine there is truth. Ask me what it means when I sober up.

Veritas is a right-wing political party in the UK, started in 2005 by former daytime talk show host Robert Kilroy-Silk (or Kilroy). I say former because he was sacked from his post after making some fairly racist remarks in the Daily Express newspaper. Veritas have assumed the Liberal Democrats' position as the only possible punchline to every political joke in the United Kingdom. With their big purple trident of Robert Kilroy-Silk, a transparently single-issue campaign and a very very stupid name, Veritas have single-handedly managed to make the Monster Raving Loony Party look on the whole credible and give Eurosceptics everywhere an extra reason to vote UKIP.

Veritas was formed after...well, there are two different stories, depending on who you ask. If you ask Robert Kilroy-Silk, you'll hear that he grew disillusioned with UKIP and decided to form his own party as a final "fuck you". If you ask everyone else in the United Kingdom, you'll hear the truth; that he asked to be made leader of UKIP, got pissed off when they refused and flounced off into the sunset, taking one of the UKIP's European Parliament seats with him. For their part, the BBC seem to favour the latter explanation, stating that "Veritas was formed by Mr Kilroy-Silk...after he quit UKIP following an unsuccessful bid to take over as leader."

Now, all this would normally be fine and dandy; after all, I'm sure there's plenty of career politicians who piggyback on the success of another political party and then start their own to help inflate their already planetary ego. What's different with Veritas though is that Kilroy-Silk is, to put it in the nicest possible terms, a complete cunt, and against all the odds goes to extraordinary lengths to prove this.

It seems that at Veritas' manifesto launch, Kilroy was determined to go down in history as the person least predisposed to be a politician that ever actually wanted to be a politician. Starting by citing figures from the Daily Mail about immigration (Let's face it: anybody who cites, of all things, the Daily Mail to prove their point in a debate on immigration is quite quite mad) Kilroy attacked "liberal fascists in London" and the "metropolitan elite", coming off sounding not unlike a slightly less sane Ann Coulter.

At another appearance, handily caught on camera, he confronted an immigrant, who said that he wished to leave the country in a couple of years time. Kilroy then helpfully suggested that he leave now, and that he was indeed fucking up Britain by staying. Yes indeedy, Kilroy certainly has a taste for his own foot.

If you're wondering what Veritas actually stands for, well, I'm not entirely sure. The only two proposals I can find are a 22% flat tax rate on earnings above £12,000 and ceasing immigration, as well as the standard loony right rantings against the evils of the EU, who are as always assumed to be operating from a Death Star somewhere in Brussels, and the Coulterish "political elite". Beyond this I couldn't find a single policy, try as I might. Included are the terms "We will govern ourselves with our own Parliament in Westminster]" (as if we don't already) but that's about it. As expertly pointed out by a commenter on BBC News Online, the manifesto "reads like a charter for 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells'". There you have it: vote for Veritas at your peril.

If you're actually intending to vote for this bunch of clowns, please /msg me and tell me why, because I'd love to hear your views, and laugh very very hard.

Ver"i*tas (?), n. [Cf. F. v'eritas. See Verity.]

The Bureau Veritas. See under Bureau.


© Webster 1913.

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