First in a line of desktop sized VAX workstations, the VAXStation 2000 was DEC's answer to Sun's 3/xx series graphical workstations. It contained a 1-bpp framebuffer for using the DECWindows graphical environment. As far as processing power goes, this machine achieved 0.9 VUPs, which puts it in the same class as the MicroVAX-I series machines. Due to its small size, there was little expandability. A full height 5 1/4" drive bay allowed for an internal MFM interface drive, and a memory expansion slot and a communications slot provided for up to 12MB of RAM and thin ethernet. Both VMS and Ultrix could be run on this machine.

What is most striking about this machine, however, is its size. Previous to the VAXStation 2000, the smallest VAXen required at least a dolly to move considerable distances. The VAXStation 2000, while by no means an easily portable computer, could be lifted one-handed using its built-in carrying handle.

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