Usura were the Italian masterminds behind the classic 1992 techno tune "Open Your Mind".

Any seasoned clubber will instantly recognise the futuristic beats and trancey samples of this song, aswell as the video, with some really cheesy morphing that looks so cool, even by todays standards. "Open Your Mind" broke the Top 10 all across Europe, bringing the gift of fame to Usura.

The band started in 1991 with four producers: Cremonini, Comis, Varola and Spreafichi. With "Open Your Mind", they quickly gained notoriety in the European underground dance scene. In conjunction with some of the finest minds in dance music at the time, they went on to produce four more hit singles "Rock The House," "Don't You Want My Love", "Sweat" and "Tear It Up". One of the producers working on these tracks was Rollo (brother of Dido), famous for dynamic duo that is Sister Bliss & Rollo, and also Faithless who are quite possibly the most successful band in dance music.
after underworld that is!

In 1995 Usura joined up with the band "Datura" who were signed to the same label. This collaboration spawned the classic tracks "Infinity", "Flying High" and "In The Bush", and also paved the way for a 1998 remix of "Open Your Mind", which quite simple rocks the house!

some info sourced from inherit records

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