I have had the fortunate opportunity to attend the 3rd anniversary User Friendly party in Vancouver BC. Unfortunately achan and I showed up 2 hours late, the party had already begun.

We met shadownode and two other local ufies at the Web Café where the party was held. Everybody that attended the party received a complementary gift which consisted of fake tattoos and coupons. xdjio ditched us for the woman in the red dress.

The night (for us) started off with the official commentary from Illiad and an amazing speech by the Smiling Man (he just smiled). The party proceeded with a Q and A session with Illiad and friends. Questions came from both IRC and party members. The majority of the questions were directed at Illiad and involved mainly inflatable animals.

The party was web casted.

The rest of the evening continued with cake, Wes from "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie" with an amazing technical support skit, and prizes.

Achan concluded the night with "does this web cast make me look fat?".

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