A really cool climbing gym in Bloomington, Illinois. Its "gimmick" is that it's located inside several old soybean silos. It boasts over 20,000 square feet of climbing area, with a height of 30 to 65 feet for each. There is also the largest gym climb in North America, 110 feet on the outside of a silo. In the winter, they create an ice waterfall (with the help of the Bloomington Fire Dept.) for ice climbing. The main attraction is the Silo climbing, however. The inside of four of the fourteen silos have been completly remodeled into three climbing areas (one's a lounge) and the world famous "Cloverleaf Chimney" where the four meet in the center. All the silo climbs are fully leadable or you can use the top ropes. In the garage where they used to dumpb soybeans, they've created a great novice training area/expert area, with a huge wall containing bouldering, over-hangs and roofs. This area has over 4,000 sq ft of textured climbing surface and a grid of permanent quickdraws. It includes aretes, roofs, dihedrals, cracks, and the wave wall which has to be seen.

For a map and some great pictures, see http://www.upperlimits.com/.

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