A program in which young people (~10-18) perform in shows and musicals. I had gone through their technical crew program them about 3 years ago. They didn't much like us newbies, subjecting us to long, tedious hours in the set shop or even The Box. Most of the time we would be goofing off in Maxwell's Lounge or playing wallball. Notable people include:

  • Harry Deetzler - He ran the place, decent guy, everyone would talk about him behind his back, but he carried a decent amount of respect
  • Maxwell - "Owner" of Maxwell's Lounge, was nicer to me than most of the people with experience
  • Andrew - Director of Tech crew program, didn't much like me IIRC
  • Yvonne - One of the few girls involved, and she was quite good looking too, scared creepy guys off with her field hockey stick
  • "Niles" - He was a weird one, always wearing black and drawing naked women

That's about all as far as I remember, its not really a bad program if you can get along with people and take some punishment and hard work, which I can't.

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