A fact-based documentary program on the Swedish state television channel. The name means "Assignment: Investigation" and reflects the concept of hands-on objective journalism. This is a relatively new show, only a year old. Until the Uppdrag: Granskning program series was started, SVT had three different programs covering the same programming area: Striptease, Norra Magasinet (The Northern Magazine) and Reportrarna (The Reporters).

The main focus of the program is to serve the public and use the power of journalism as it is supposed to be used, for revealing flaws and injustice in our society. After each show, the journalists contributing to the aired program are online in real time to answer any questions from the public. Uppdrag: Granskning have some of the mos seasoned journalists in Sweden, and the brightest young journalists. These are journalists willing to take a little dive in their pay, so they can work for one of the best documentary programs in the world.

Despite the young age of the program, it has a truly impressive track record. Example: During the riots in Göteborg, the police shot Hannes Westberg in the abdomen right after the threw some rocks at the police. The news circulated around the world (This was the first time someone had been shot during a WTO meeting), but it was the police version everyone trusted. In the aftermath, Uppdrag: Granskning has revealed several shocking lies from the Swedish police, the Swedish press and the State Atteorney. Uppdrag: Granskning also rectified the factual errors in their channel's daily news program due to the falty infor from the police. SVT is the only news media to admit their fault in the Göteborg riots so far.

Website: http://www.svt.se/granskning

On a personal note: This is how journalism is supposed to be. The journalists of the program are not afraid to tacle any subject, even if their own employer (Remember, the program is on the state / goverment channel) is the subject. Truly objective in all matter and form, this program make other shows like 20/20 and Nightline look like something from the Disney Channel.

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