I didn’t realise this was physically possible, but there you go. Like a lot of people, I work as an office wench, sat in front of the computer and filling the day with tea and small talk. I also happen to have a vaguely-property related position, so the amount of work we have to do has dwindled to a scary level. To put things into perspective, two people were off on sick leave at one point, and even upon doing all of their work on top of my own, I was still bored.


Generally, this is a cause for celebration, as it’s a good excuse to read E2 all day, but to various people having nothing better to do, a crackdown was enacted on internet use, meaning we had to resort to other measures. Being the industrious sort, I still managed to be productive at work, by catching up on various emails, doing Open University reading on the computer, reading articles saved to Word, noding, but then even all of that began to peter out. I turned to my last hope.


Solitaire on Windows has to be the Holy Grail of procrastination at work. I can’t think of a bigger timesink which has absolutely no constructive qualities to it (Except maybe MMORPGs, but that’s another matter entirely), and it has kept me amused before, so I started playing. And playing. I never found Solitaire particularly challenging to begin with, so I started playing little games to keep up the difficulty. I won games on the three-card rules, completed all the stacks on Vegas mode (I’m still never going to gamble money on it though; Seems like the odds are stacked against you ever so slightly). I started playing speed Solitaire, turning my mouse into a blur as I kept shuffling through the deck and building stacks. I went to reach the fabled goal of 10,000 points (Which I achieved at a later date), and then it all went horribly wrong.


Getting close to revealing all the cards on the screen, I right-clicked to move any cards I’d missed to the top four stacks, when the two of hearts suddenly shifted up to the right-hand corner and settled in its box, but something seemed wrong. I looked under it, and discovered something horrifying.


There was no Ace underneath.


I frantically skimmed through the pack, and discovered it at the bottom, leering at me, mocking me. I tried to find a way of shifting it off the stack, but there was no way of succeeding. I had FAILED.


I took this as a sign. Minesweeper is much better anyway.





Oh, and if this has happened to anyone else, msg me. Enquiring minds need to know!

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