I met her in a lower latitude. She said she needed a change- a different sort of man, from another part of the continent. I was more than willing to take advantage of her dissatisfaction.

She came North, without complaint, she said. It was an honest attempt to move away, she told me, six months later, when I saw her again- on her turf, again, leaving me as the sole expatriate. That ain't so, she said- shaking her head, you were never from here, so that doesn't count.

In retrospect I should have known that anybody who talks so much about a town they don't miss, is probably needing someplace bad.
She would say "You can't help missing it. You know, people you didn't think you cared about, places you didn't think you would miss. "

I didn't understand it then. I do now.

... you left it all behind
you thought you up and gone
all you finally figured out is
how to take the long way home

Long way home- Roseanne Cash

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