Smiling in the Face of Perversity

1995 compilation release by Coil. If you had to own just one Coil album this would compete with Gold is the Metal in my book for the honor. Unnatural History II is clasic Coil full of the haunting intoxication of sound that we know them for.

Of particular note are all three Hellraiser themes and the two themes from Blue.

Track Listing:

  1. Red Weather
  2. Theme From Blue I
  3. Airborne Bells
  4. Another Brown World
  5. Contains A Disclaimer
  6. The Hellraiser Theme
  7. In Memory Of The Truth
  8. Unquiet Rest
  9. Wait, Then Return
  10. The Hellbound Heart
  11. The Box Theme
  12. No New World
  13. Vanishing Point
  14. The Main Title
  15. Theme From Blue II
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