So this guy goes to a bar, looking for a chick to pick up, but at the end of the night, his attempts beared no fruit and he started on his way home. He was walking home, drunken and depressed when he saw a hobo laying passed out on the ground. So the guy thinks to himself:

"No I couldn't do it! That's just wrong!"

But he does it anyways. He rapes the guy in the ass and leaves 5 bucks next to him.

The next night he goes to the same bar and the same thing happens and he goes by the same hobo. He does it again and leaves 30 bucks this time.

The third night the same exact situation happens but this time the guy feels really bad and really lonely and leaves 100 bucks.

The next night the hobo goes into his usual liqour store and sees the clerk who knows him well by now.

The clerk says "Wow, you got a lot of money on you, you still wanna buy that same cheap beer?"

The hobo says "No, that stuff makes my ass hurt."

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