It is generally assumed that the University of Calgary's elected student union is really a dictatorship of management students. In their infinite wisdom, the SU have undertaken and generally botched the following projects:

  • MacEwan Hall Student Centre redevelopment: years too late, wonky budgeting, and the moving of a staircase three times! (The last time to its original position).
  • Buying out the family run convenience store "McQ's" and replacing it with the stupidly named "Bad Kitty's Snack Emporium". U of C newspaper pundits (read: a bunch of journalism commies) claim the words Bad Kitty have negative connotations, and thus the SU keeps the temporary name "SU Stör", which is dumb.
  • Closing The Den (the student bar), then renovating it until it became "the hip place to be", followed by a whole lot of non-students coming there and starting knife fights. (The SU had not previously considered the need for bouncers.)
  • Renovating the SU office and moving temporarily to the club space, leaving campus clubs nowhere to go for an extended period of time.
  • Other acts of general stupidity.

Technically, no students can really complain since they never vote anyway. It's like a microcosm of American democracy!

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