The former name of an apartment complex of townhouse apartments near the campus of the University of South Florida. Since it is one of the closest to campus, it's largely populated by poor undergraduate students, as they have one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments for anyone who wishes to share. However, the walls are thin, allowing all sorts of noise to pass through, and the neighbors often leave something to be desired.

Our jerk next-door neighbor shot a shotgun through the wall between our apartments...and through the wall between my roommate's room and mine... and into the outside wall of the building. This gives you an idea of the sturdy construction at UTA. No one was hurt, but we couldn't get the management to kick him out even though he'd risked hurting people and caused damage to UTA's property. (But we trusted the other resident next door when he said the gun was no longer on the premises.)

(As of 2001, the complex changed their name to Campus Walk. There may be new management, but given the signs proclaiming "Coming soon: Gaited Complex," I doubt it's much of an improvement.)

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