The Union Syndicale Fédérale or to give it its full name Union Syndicale Fédérale des Services Publics Européens et Internationaux or the USF for short is the federation of staff unions which are active within European Union institutions. It is commiteed to the "ideal of a genuine European Public Service which will bring about European integration in peace and prosperity, in the interest of the people of Europe".

It was formed in 1974, when it was known as the Union des Syndicats and currently features the following member organisations;

  • Union Syndicale Brussels
  • Union Syndicale Luxembourg
  • Union Syndicale Euratom Karlsruhe
  • Union Syndicale Ispra
  • EPSU-Fusion
  • Union Syndicale Service Public Européen Petten
  • Union Syndicale OEB (Office Européen des Brevets) / the Staff Union of the European Patent Office SUEPO
  • Syndicat des Agents du Conseil de l'Europe SACE
  • Union Syndicale - OMD (Organisation Mondiale des Douanes)
  • Union Syndicale Eurocontrol France
  • Union Syndicale Fondation Européenne
  • Union Syndicale Cedefop
  • Union Syndicale - European Training Foundation Torino
  • Union Syndicale Ecoles Européennes
  • Union Syndicale - Institut Universitaire Européen Firenze

The USF is affiliated to both the European Federation of Public Service Unions as well as Public Services International.

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