The Unicomp EnduraPro is one of several keyboards produced by Unicomp. Unicomp acquired the rights to the IBM Model M design from Lexmark, and now produces clones of the famous Model M design. These are very nearly the equivalents of the original IBM models in quality, and include a few new features.

The EnduraPro is one such features-added model. It looks like the standard IBM Model M in black at first, but there are a few extra features. For one, it includes Windows keys. This is not only useful to Windows users, though - these keys can be used as Super, Hyper or perhaps Meta keys. This is quite useful to users of Linux, BSD, Solaris or any of the other operating systems this keyboard works with. It also features a nipple mouse, which functions as a standard PS/2 mouse with two buttons. There are both PS/2 and USB models available. The PS/2 EnduraPros work with all systems that take a PS/2 keyboard, including not only x86 systems, but also HP workstations like the HP 712, or SGI systems like the Indigo2 or Octane. The USB version is even more universal, and works with Macintosh, Sun, HP and SGI, in addition to the usual suspects.

The EnduraPro has its predecessor's legendary durability, along with the loud but crisp buckling spring key action. Alas, it does not have a replaceable cord, but beyond that, it has all of the Model M's durability features, including the heavy metal plate. Unfortunately, IBM doesn't sell these with their workstations, so there aren't as many around as there might be. But, as of 2010, they're still available new from - so you can get your own piece of typing nirvana for around US$70. They also have slightly less expensive model, the Unicomp Customizer 104, that lacks the nipple mouse.

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