Ungke is the sneaky version of FUNGK, for when you are trying to hide your swearing from small children and disapproving adults. Or disapproving teens. I have one of those, amazingly enough. She does not swear. At least not out loud.

Ungke is very useful and all purpose. You can tell your children that it is short for Uncle and in fact, it IS also short for Uncle. You can say Ungker, Ungking and Ungke me running. You'd better watch that last one, though, because your kids see right the Ungke through that.

One of my Ungkles took the moniker "Ancient Honorable Uncle J---." He was soon known as AHU, pronounced A-Hoo. He is deceased. I had suggestions for the other Ungkle on that side of the family, but he Was Not Amused. He prefers his professional moniker: Professor Emeritus of Anthropology/Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. He is great about reminding me that PhD is a higher degree than MD, at least once a year. I don't Ungking care: what was good enough for his father is good enough for me. He is currently writing a book on the folly of spelling and how to fix spelling in English. I am sort of hoping he fails to change it. It is so much fun now to Ungke with spelling words in English.

So, have a really nice Ungking day.

This language is Pogonian.
A letter using the word Pogonian from the Cornell Daily Sun.

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