I hate having unfiled memories. They are one of the things that make my existance frustrating at times.

Don't you ever have memories of places you can remember being.. but you don't remember when you were there, or exactly where it was, or who you were with? Maybe our brain IS like a hard drive.. and these are like lost clusters.. but they annoy me because sometimes it's hard to sort the unfiled memories from the dreams and the daydreams that drift around my mind.. and I just want to take the reality stapler to some of them. Pin them down, so that I could say, "Oh yea, I was X years old then, and it was my Y relative's house" or something like that..

The problem of course with unfiled memories is that you probably really CAN'T do much with them.. if you could have tied the memory to a place or a smell or a sound, your mind most likely would have done so already. It's funny like that.

Anyways, so the next time you can think of an unfiled memory, try to KEEP thinking of it. For some strange reason, after a little while it slips out of your fingers and back into the void without something to anchor it in your mind.

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