Possibly one of the world's most bizarre mainstream cartoons, and from the Hanna Barbera studios, responsible for such other pieces of brilliance as Top Cat, Hong Kong Phooey, Secret Squirrel (with the fabulous Morocco Mole), and the Banana Splits (One banana, Two banana, Three banana, Four - Four bananas make a bunch And so do many more...la la la lalala la... etc.)).

The general plot of the thing was obviously conceived after a good night at the pub: an elephant, the eponymous protagonist - also known as the pachyderm of a thousand faces, is a secret agent, a spy, if you will. He has a sidekick mouse called Loudmouse (sort of like Loudmouth, but not quite, I suppose). The elephant is a master of disguise; if he puts on a tutu (the clothing, not the bishop)and a pink strip of cloth across his eyes (with eyeholes obviously) he will automatically be a dead-ringer for a ballet dancer. Loudmouse, though, always secreted about the elephant's person will always say something like 'Great going, Undercover Elephant - you've almost got the diamond smuggler' or some such tosh, and the baddies would realise who they were up against. 'Aw Loudmouse,' the exasperated elephant would say. 'You blew my cover.' Well quite.

This is probably hilariously funny if you're an adult. For me, it was mystifying. Why didn't the elephant sack the mouse (or better still just stand on it)? How come an elephant in a chef's hat and a white strip of cloth over his eyes is the spitting image of a cook? Doesn't anyone notice the trunk???

Guess that shows I was just a way too literal kid.

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