The Stevens and Pruett show would air a sketch daily called the Adventures of Uncle Waldo, Teenage (insert adjective here)-type Person. Uncle Waldo wasn't always a teenager. If he was an old man in the sketch, then it was the Adventures of Uncle Waldo, Teenage Geriatric-Type Person. If he sold refrigerators, then it was The Adventures of Uncle Waldo, Teenage Refridgerator Salesman-type Person. Anyway, you get the idea. Usually the sketch was just a normal joke translated into a radio sketch and was acted out by Stevens, Pruett, and sometimes The Boner. What's interesting about the show is that all scripts are submitted by listeners. Unfortunately, this lead to a nasty cycle whereby somebody would hear a joke, translate it to an Uncle Waldo script, it would be read on the air, a couple thousand people would then translate it back into standard joke format, tell it to all their friends, and then all their friends would translate it to an Uncle Waldo script and send it into the show. In fact, as the Uncle Waldo show got more popular, they'd discover that most of their Monday scripts were retellings of their Friday script (so Monday's script was rarely ever any good).

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