OS used on DEC computer hardware. ultrix was Digital 's first unix like OS intended to be more user friendly than VMS. ultrix eventually gave way to OSF/1.

I was using Ultrix as late as 1997 on an old DECstation at school. I remember crashing it by clicking on the 'clear' button in the graphical login program, and getting root (after we (the students who were the de-facto admins) lost the password) by pressing Ctrl-C at bootup. It had a funky directory structure; among other things it kept home directories in /u/usr/. Ultrix wasn't as bad as some people make it out to be.

A UNIX operating system sold by Digital Electronics
. Famous for bloat. I wonder if DEC remained
mostly VMS-centric during the peak of Ultrix's
popularity. OSF/1 and newer Digital UNIXes replaced it.

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