“Never mind the new 911 Turbo, be unconcerned about any Ferrari, F-50 included. The only road car swifter than the Ultima is the McLaren F1, and then not by much. On a performance-per-dollar reckoning, of course, the GTR destroys that, too.”
-- -- David Vivian, EVO Magazine

The ultima GTR is manufactured by Ultima sports in England. It is available in kit or rolling chassis forms.
While there are many Ultima specific parts, the engine is generally a Chevrolet and the transaxle is from a Porsche 911.

Ground up, the Ultima has been designed as a race car for the road. The seating position is low and the chassis sits about 5 inches off the ground. The suspension comprises TIG welded, double unequal length wishbones with fully adjustable dampers. Basically, it handles like a Go-kart on road or track.

Currently the engine options include a small block chevrolet V8 and the LS1 V-8 from a C5 Corvette. In either form this car is one serious piece of kit. It's claimed 0-100mph time of 3.3 seconds (LS1 equipped) puts it ahead of the Corvette, the Viper and any production ferrari. The following specs apply to the LS1 powered version of the car.

  • Power: 345bhp @ 5600rpm

  • Torque: 350lb-ft @ 4400rpm

  • Curb weight: 2314lb

  • 0-60mph: 3.3 seconds

  • 0-100mph: 8.4 seconds

  • Street start 5-60mph (as tested by Car & Driver magazine): 3.9 seconds
I have seen one of these in action and can confirm that they are kickass machines in every respect, and at a total price of $138,000 (base model) are a cheap alternative to other 'exotic' supercars.

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