This is an actual patent I found while surfing the US Patent database. My only question is: how does it aid your health?

US Patent 5,397,294: Health aid device
Inventor: Hwang; Chang-Shyong, Taipei, Taiwan

A health aid device structure which is used to place around the male penis during sexual intercourse, a high frequency vibration is generated which applies to the female private part such that her excitement period is shortened. The health aid device can also be used as a massaging device for other parts of the human body. The device has an external case, a bottom cover and a side cover, forming a box in which an eccentric cam motor and a battery pack are enclosed. Each of the two side surfaces of the external case is provided with a slot, into which the side cover is inserted and positioned in place. The side cover and the bottom cover are provided with an appropriate recessed arcuate surface, in addition, the side cover is provided with an adjustable strap and the two edges of the external case are provided with a strap having fastening members. In use, the adjustable strap is placed around the male penis, the health aid device generates a high frequency vibration so as to shorten the excitement period of the female, the orgasm stage of sexual intercourse is prolonged, and the male and female can thus obtain the same level of satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

What is claimed is:
1. A health aid device structure comprising:

  • an external case having two opposite ends of said case secured to a body strap for fastening said case to a user's body;

  • a bottom cover; and

  • a side cover, the external case in combination with the bottom cover and said side cover forming a box in which an eccentric cam motor powered by a battery pack is provided, and said cam motor and said battery pack are stored within said box, characterized in that:

  • the external case, is a hollow body having an opening formed in a side portion of the hollow body, said opening having two opposite edge portions, each said edge portion of said opening formed with a male enagaging portion;

  • the bottom cover is a plate having a shape to match with a shape of the external case, said bottom cover having an arc-shaped recess in a side edge portion of said bottom cover, and a plurality of positioning columns formed on a surface of said bottom cover and coupled to the external case for retaining and securing said bottom cover to said external case; and the side cover is a plate cover having a curved surface, said side cover having groves respectively recessed in two opposite edge portions of said side cover, each said groove corresponding to and engageable with each said male engaging portion in the external case for securing said side cover to the external case, and two notches respectively slotted in two opposite end portions of the curved surface of said side cover, each said notch being engaged with a fastening member of a penis strap for securing said penis strap to said side cover for fastening a user's penis between said penis strap and said curved surface of said side cover.
It is a well-known fact (not so well-known that I can cite sources though...) that having relatively frequent, satisfying sex is beneficial to your health. If I recall correctly having at least several orgasms a week reduces your risk of heart attack (This is why teenage boys rarely have heart attacks. Their most frequent partner can be relied upon for at least that many...).

That said, if this device improves peoples' sex lives, than it should be called a "health" device. With, I suspect, the blessing of most people here. Of course, if it doesn't work, that's another story.

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