V. Length of Game

  1. Time
    1. Each half lasts for twenty-four (24) minutes of stopped time.
    2. Each overtime period lasts for five (5) minutes of stopped time.
    3. The clock starts when:
      1. An offensive player gains possession of a throw-off and establishes a pivot foot;
      2. The marker touches the disc after a check;
      3. The thrower puts the disc into play after it has been out of bounds.
    4. The clock stops:
      1. After a goal;
      2. At the end of a period of play;
      3. For time-outs;
      4. For injuries;
      5. For fouls and violations;
      6. >When the disc contacts an out-of-bounds area.

  2. Points
    1. A goal is worth one (1) point.
    2. A game to points lasts until one team scores twenty-one (21) goals with a margin of victory of at least two (2) goals.
    3. A game with a score of twenty-to-twenty (20-20) goes into overtime, and play continues until a two-goal margin is achieved or one team scores twenty-five (25) goals.
    4. Halftime occurs when one team reaches eleven (11) goals.

  3. Halftime lasts for ten (10) minutes.

  4. At the end of the game, the team with the most goals is declared the winner.

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