UBGS (ol' Uncle Bos Gamblin Shack) is a clipart webcomic starring Bo (gobbige truck driver), Qu (professional black guy), Hank (Guy who says "Uhh"), and Bread (albino guy). The comic makes fun of slavery very, very, very, lightly. Also featured is "GAY CANADIAN MOUNTIE". If that offends you, stay away, as he pops up every few episodes. Most of the time, though, is CRAZY SILLY ADVENTURES, such as hitting the "Fall back" button on an alarm clock and going back in time, or a Scooby-Doo parody.

Having over 100 episodes, UBGS has its catchphrases, most notably "What a phuddicament!", and Hank's "Uhh".

Recently there was also a redesign! The site looks much much prettier now.

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