Uz Jsme Doma is a Czech punk/jazz/art/whatever band that has been playing for about 15 years. Recently they have been touring North America often (at least two tours in 2000). Their qualities include:

  • superb cover art from the band's "brushes-player" (i.e. cover-artist), Martin Velisek,
  • their refusal to fall into any category, but just make good music
  • their interesting, poetic texts (sometimes they feel more like poems sung to very good music than like "songs").

These are, unfortunately, usually in Czech, but some have been translated into English.

Below is my translation of one UJD text, from their 1993 album "Hollywood":


Swallowing your undeserved spittle -- swallowing
Swallowing, pretending one can choose a little
Swallowing, not seeing phantoms under your brow
Swallowing the terror -- laying down in your own bed
to sleep

Swallowing defenselessness evenings -- swallowing
Swallowing, pretending we don't lack anything
Swallowing, not having a hungry spot inside you
Swallowing the forbidden -- laying down in your own bed
to sleep

Discography (copied from

Major records:

Uprostred Slov/In the Middle of Words
(1990, Czechoslovakia; 1998 North America)

Nemilovany Svet/Unloved World
(1992, Czechoslovakia; 1997, North America)

(1993, Czech Republic; 1996, North America)
Pohadky ze Zapotrebi/Fairytales from Needland
(1995, Czech Republic; 1997, North America)

(1999, North America/Europe).

Other Works:

Jaro, Peklo, Podzim, Zima/Spring, Hell, Fall, Winter --
Soundtrack to Czech Television film about the work of Martin Velísek, whose work includes the UJD pop-up book (with Miroslav Wanek)
(1996, Czech Republic)

East Timor Benefit Album
Various Artists, includes rare live recording of UJD's Jassica

Czeching In
Various Artists, includes UJD and other seminal Czech bands (compilation --1996, North America)
(1999, North America)

There is also a special pop-up book CD with great Martin Velisek art. Definitely released in the US (by Skoda Records), not sure if released domestically.
I went to a UJD show in 1999, at the Mermaid Lounge in New Orleans. I had been looking for another show's on-sale date, when I noticed their show listed in upcoming events. I quickly decided to go to that one instead.

I was one of about 8 people in attendance, including the 3-personopening act (who had never really heard of the masters of prog rock straight from Prague), the Lounge's owner, and a cute waitress. I talked to the lead singer of the band before the show. He was very polite and spoke in charming broken English, and finally answered my most burning question: "Just how do you pronounce your band's name, anyway?" (The answer was Oo J'muh Doe muh, and the name translates roughly into "Finally we are home.").

I asked him about the possibility of UJD appearing on a compilation disc I was organizing for charity, but unfortunately, he could only give me his agent's card, and I never could get that guy on the phone.

It was a brilliant show, as I sat by in the near-empty dive at a table with the opening act (who I rather liked but have forgotten the name of), admiring the sheer musicianship of the group, who seamlessly changed timing, tempo, and key. I left with no doubt that I had just seen one of the most talented bands on the face of the Earth.

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