"Alright, so I'm not so sure this immortality idea is so great. I can deal with me being immortal, but as for other people, I'm not so sure..."

"Oh yeah?"

"Let us create a series of linguistic paradigms for the other immortals."

"I don't like the sound of this."

"Their history shall be one of warfare and death. They shall be told of death at an early age. Every image that surrounds them shall reinforce the idea of seeking to come to terms with forces outside of themselves, and be made to obscure their immortality. We shall walk the Earth in their institutions of government, religion, academia, and education and drain them of their energy."

"I think you're sick."

"We, the immortals, shall create a maze of torment composed of theories, "truths", and observations which are designed to provide hints to those who have not had their intelligence whittled down too far by our paradigms of science, history, sociology, and most of all, language, that the individual is engaged in a horrific scam of cosmic proportions."

"What the fuck? Are you crazy? As immortals, we create our own realities. You don't need a slave race of humans to take care of things; you're sick."

"It is perhaps the case that this is true, but my fear binds me. My weakness, my inability to see the truth in those words condemns me to maintain this maze, to walk like a vampire among the living dead. And since I think that my powers must come from without, in the people I enslave, I am just as pitiable as the population at large."

"You're the biggest asshole ever, you know that? I think that the people will eventually realize the illusion, kill you, and live or die if and when they please, like us."

"Well, I know what the immortals know, yet I still hold on to ego. Since it is not my will that humans will eventually see the illusion, I must be a sociopath. I am tired of living forever, I shall go down to this world I created with this conversation, and fuck women and men until they figure out the truth and kill my kind."

"You do that, you sick piece of shit."


"You're going to die, you know that?"

"That's the point, we go to the Earth when we have to die."

"You're already dead inside."

"As within, so without. As above, so below."

"Get the fuck away from me. Now. For all Eternity."

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