Joe Jackson live album recorded in April 2001 in Seattle and Portland, Oregon, on the Night and Day II tour. The album was produced by Joe Jackson himself and released on his own label, available only on the website. The original version of the album was titled "Two Rainy Nights", pressings since late 2002 have been the "Joe Jackson Live" title and different album art, but identical songs and tracking.

This album documents one of Joe's hottest touring bands: Joe on vocals and keyboards, Graham Maby on bass, Sue Hadjopoulos on percussion, Andy Ezrin on keyboards, Robert Rodriguez on drums, Catherine Bent on cello, and Allison Cornell on vocals, violin, and keyboards. Note the absence of electric guitar just as on the album and the original Night and Day album.

The songs are some great arrangements of his songs, and the violins and keyboards provide a lot of high energy. Joe's voice is flawless in these performances. Allison Cornell does lead vocals on "Glamour and Pain". This album shows what those of us who have followed Joe's career know very well: he's simply one of the best live performers in rock and roll, who gets the best out of his fellow musicians.


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