A tube top is an article of clothing that consists of nothing more than a tube of fabric. Diameter is variable as the cylinder is usually made of a rather stretchy material. The height of the cylinder can vary depending on how far down the stomach it is wished that the shirt covers. As well as how much the level of the bottom of the shirt is raised by virtue of horizontal chest extensions. Generally it is worn by the female of the species with the seam in the back.


Due to the construction of the garment, breast support devices that use straps as a means of support are not appropriate choices. This limits the user to B.s.d that do not use straps, or to the option of going commando. The device has vast potential for being an attention grabbing piece of attire. Two forms of attention generally grabbed are #1 oggling from sexually interested parties, #2 disgust. The one thing guaranteed will occur are strong responses in either category.

Problems and contradictions

The social stigma attached to the tube top is that if one is wearing one, then said individual must be one (or more) of the following: a stripper, a hooker, an extra from an 80's hair metal video, white trash, fashion inept. It is assumed that the reason for wearing a tube top is sex appeal. That being stated it is worth pointing out that the constant tugging on the top seam of the tube top to raise the garment and keep from exposing the breasts is probably one of the least sexy actions that can be performed while wearing the garment. As there is no way to avoid the eventual sliding down of the tube top, the tug on the top seam is a necessary action. This fact reduces the overall sex appeal of the garment . Also while being worn any activity beyond standing straight up and walking at a slow speed is severely hampered, unless one has little or no modesty.

Field observations

The tube top wearer is a rare sight. Ignoring a possible resurgence in support for the tube top it shall become an even more obscure phenomenon. This is good and bad. Bad because someone with the appropriate chassis for a tube top can make them quite an enjoyable spectacle. The move to fashion obscurity is of a beneficial nature because the majority of individuals who wear tube tops HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO. Especially turqoise colored ones.*Shudder* no one should have to see SO MUCH turqoise lycra... There is also circumstantial evidence to suggest that there is a link between those individuals of a lower socio-economic status and the wearing of tube tops.

Information gleaned from my memory of living deep in the heart of Dixie for many years.

kohlcass informs me: I must disagree - tube tops go beautifully with bra straps of a similar colour, as exhibited in one Sex and the City episode by Sarah jessica parker . This only works well with brightly coloured bras with thin straps (round diameter). Seams are generally at the sides, and it is currently the fashion to wear tube tops that do not display any part of the stomach area. A good quality tube top, ex. Zara, will not slide.

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Tube tops were my personal introduction to naked breasts.

A friend of mine's sister had another friend, a teenaged girl, whom I secretly had a massive crush on. I say secretly, but everyone knew it, including her. Whenever I would go over to my friend's house, if she was there she would run up to me and give me a big hug. Since I was 12 or 13, I was still growing, and her chest was exactly the same height as my face. Therefore, she'd give me a face full of boobs, which I didn't mind one tiny bit.

One hot summer day, I went over and there she was with my friend's sister, spraying water on each other. When my crush saw me, she started running. In super slow motion. The white tube top slowly slipped further and further down with each step, assisted by the extra weight of the water it had absorbed.

She didn't notice it.

Four or five steps away, her beautiful breasts were released in their entirity. I couldn't move a muscle, all I could do was stare in awe as they moved back and forth in time with her running. She wrapped her arms around my head and enveloped me with her boobs. I had not really seen large areolas or nipples before, and here they were, right in my face. I'm certain one of her nipples actually entered my mouth

She, of course, froze herself for a moment, realizing that here she was, out on a public street, shoving her naked breasts into a younger kid's face. She kept herself pressed tight against me and looked around. Nobody saw except for my friend's sister, so she backed up (and here I felt the nipple pop out of my mouth) and she pulled her tube top back up with a smirk on her face. "I hope you enjoyed that show."

I just stood there for a moment before blurting out, "I love you."

She kissed me on the cheek and said, "And you always will after that."

Iron Noder 2017

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