Troglomorphy (trogle,hole and morphe,shape)

Troglomorphy is a pattern of evolution which occurs in cave ecosystems. It is characterised by the shrinking or loss of eyes, a loss of pigmentation (often resluting in a pale white or transparent coloring), enlargement of appendages, and oversized antennae/feelers.

As is the case with all other evolutionary processes, Troglomorphy occurs over the course of millions of years. Mutations occur in organisms that allow them to better cope with living in total darkness, having an abundance of various substances, and a lack of normal food sources.

Evidence of troglomorphy can be found in the spiders(Agraecina Cristiani), water scorpions(Nepa Anophthalma), predatory leeches, isopods(Trachelipus Troglobius), pillbugs, springtails, millipedes, and bristletails of Movile Cave in Romania.

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