The luncheon meat that is the primary antagonist of Spam. Let me point out a few differences:

However, both unidentified meaty masses taste, well, like Spam. Or for that matter, like Treet. Is the dog wagging its tail or is the tail wagging its dog?

Using the definition of spam that pertains to e-mail, Treet can be said to be any anti-spam device, be it simply a list of e-mailing addresses to ignore, or something that actively hunts down and eradicates the vile and infinitely crufty spam-bots. Such a "Treet bot" is Sugarplum( /sugarplum)... and it seems to be the only one I know of for certain, though I'm sure others exist. Note also that I have never heard this term used in this context (or in any context, actually). It's merely crap that I like to make up because I'm bored to hell.

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