Trees Lounge 1996
Directed, Written: Steve Buscemi

Carol Kane .... Connie
Mark Boone Junior .... Mike
Steve Buscemi .... Tommy
Bronson Dudley .... Bill
Anthony LaPaglia .... Rob
Chloƫ Sevigny .... Debbie
Michael Buscemi .... Raymond
Elizabeth Bracco .... Theresa
John Ventimiglia .... Johnny
Steven Randazzo .... Vic
Suzanne Shepherd .... Jackie
Rockets Redglare .... Stan
Joe Lisi .... Harry
Debi Mazar .... Crystal
Eszter Balint .... Marie
Richard Boes .... Freddie
Daniel Baldwin .... Jerry
Samuel L. Jackson .... Wendell

A slice-of-bad-life movie, Trees Lounge is the story of Tommy Basilio, a drunk ice cream salesman who lives over the Trees Lounge, the local bar in his hometown outside New York City. The film follows the lives of him, his family, and neighbors, as life seems to disolve around them in a drug-and-alcohol induced depression. However, the film isn't depressing, in the way that you might think it would be. Instead, it gives a hard but sympathetic portrayal of working class drunks down on their luck.

Weird fact: Steve Buscemi used to drive an ice cream truck in the town where the film was made, outside New York.

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