Bone VIII - Harvest Trilogy II - Treasure Hunters

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Bone Series VII: Ghost Circles

Treasure Hunters, the eighth collection of Jeff Smith's exquisite Bone comic book, and the middle part of the final Harvest Trilogy, is the last stop before the final showdown, and things look grim indeed. Having just barely made it through the deadly Ghost Circles conjured up by Briar Harvestar, the Hooded One, our heroes have arrived in the walled city of Atheia, capital of the Harvestar realm. But the power has been usurped from the ruling council by a group of guards,led by the usurper Tarsil, who outlawed all Dragon Lore. So they have to enter the city in secret, hiding their identities while gathering their allies. And so Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone, Grandma Ben, Thorn Harvestar and Bartleby enter an an exciting new world, exploring strange rooftop kitchens and ancient ruins, hiding from the Veni Yan guards. And Phoney Bone, smelling real money at last, does not make the heroes' trying to lay low any easier.

And if the problems inside the city were not great enough, outside the city the armies of the Rat Creatures and the men from Pawa merge to cut off any possible assistance, and begin an attack to crush any further resistance to the reemergence of the evil Lord of the Locusts. But there is hope as well, as Thorn learns of a way to defeat the Lord of the Locusts, albeit at a terrible cost. The book ends in another great cliffhanger, making the wait for the final part that much harder.

If you liked the previous books, I recommend it warmly. Despite the dark atmosphere, the comic still overflows with the humor that sets this series apart from other comics today. The drawings are once more excellent and loveable, and the story maintains a high level of suspense, with plenty of the usual sheenanigans going on between the characters. The dialogue is well written and funny, and the characters remain as loveable as always. I can't wait for the conclusion, but hope there will be more stories in the Bone universe after that time. Three thumbs up.

The volume is available in hardcover and trade paperback versions.

Bone Series XI: ???

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