A transfer student is one who changes schools. While many people would not consider switching universities midstream, it is relatively simple to do, and a much better course of action than sticking out four years at a poorly-chosen school that you do not like. Some issues that a transfer student must consider:

  • Will you miss your current group of friends? Are you in a relationship?
  • Are your current marks high enough to make a switch?
  • Why are you unhappy with your current school, and will switching schools fix this?
  • How many credits can you transfer?
While the answers to these questions vary from person to person, you should note
  • It may be difficult to meet people at your new school. Many schools have introduction programs for first year students, but not for people transferring into second or higher years. Inquire about the transfer student orientation program.
  • Even though you may have great grades, you may have difficulty transferring any scholarships you might have. You may find your new school is a lot more expensive.
  • Later in life you may be asked to explain why you switched schools (e.g. in a job interview). The correct answer is always: because of the superior academic environment.
  • The number of credits you can transfer is sometimes negotiable. You may be forced to repeat some courses, however.

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