"Running full speed, churning the legs like powerful oars through water, the hop, the spring off of the trampoline,
the upward flying in the air, the tuck; then circling down towards the ground with a soft landing

There is a great feeling that comes with correctly doing a flip. From my experience I can give a few tips to pulling off a good flip.

1. The first thing one must be able to do in order to do a flip well is the ability to jump. This does not need very much explaining, if you cannot jump well, there is little hope for flipping well. If you know you can jump well then you are past the first test. If you think you might be a poor jumper then you will need to work on your leg muscles.
2. The second step (to a good flip) is the ability to perform a good hop off of the trampoline. To do this you should get a running start, jump off of both feet as high in the air as possible and as you hit the "tramp" spring very high up and forward.
3. The third step is the arm movements to do while on your way up. While you are flying to the sky the best way to get even higher is to swing your arms straight up while you are jumping off of the trampoline.
4. The fourth step to a good flip is the most important of all, the tuck . While you are soaring in the air, with arms extended way up above your head, you will need to simultaneously pull your arms and legs in to rotate your body forward. The rotating will come when your jump is a forward jump (the centripetal force will cause the rotation).
5. The fifth step is the untucking. Just let your body unravle itself. (And no it is not as easy as it sounds)
6. The sixth and final step is the landing. As your body is fully unravled, or at least it should be, you need to look down and watch where to land. If you do not pay attention you may land on your foot wrong or land off of the nice, soft padding onto something other than the nice, soft padding.

After you have done all six steps well whoever is watching will instinctively reply with "OOOOOOOOOOOOO, that was nice".

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