A small 4 wheel drive class automobile, manufactured by Toyota and sold in Australia.

More accurately though, they are small people movers popular by semi-rich, middle class mothers to cart their sproggets of kids to and from their fancy private schools or soccer. Even worse is the growing trend to give these blighted cars TO those sproggets once they mature to driving age...

The body of the car is small - only 60m3 of internal space - and the arrangement of the bodywork is such that it artificially appears to be high off the ground. In reality, it is as high as any other ordinary car, but appears to be 4 wheel drive style heights.

The use of a "high" car, and a major judging feature in any 4WD is to clear rocks and other obstacles when you actually GO 4 wheel driving, but I doubt if any Rav 4 has ever been out in the bush, let alone over terrain rougher than a speed hump.

In recent news, a 4-year-old girl was killed in Queenswood, Sydney (near Collaroy beach) as she was holding hands with her father. The short, young, inexperienced, female driver of a Rav 4, peering over the dashboard, saw the father run across the road. Being confident in her "higher driving position", she sped immediately behind the crossing man. Unfortunately, he was leading his daughter, a small child, behind him, and the poor girl was killed instantly when the drastically under powered, putrid, oversized pimple of a car hit her frail body.

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