Formerly a 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo with 54,000 miles on the clock, this stunning machine was purchased completely unmodified by National Import Racing Association (NIRA) president Craig Lieberman in June 1998. The car was to be used for advertising and promotion, so a whole host of companies participated in the building of this car such as GReddy, Eibach, Stillen, Clarion and NOS. After doing quite well touring the show circuit, the car was spotted by recruiters and selected to be the main car in the Universal Pictures film The Fast And The Furious. The car was featured prominently in the movie and was driven by Paul Walker in all the close-up and glamour shots. For lending his car for the production of the movie,Lieberman was given many souveniers including many 8x10 glossy photos of the car in action in the movie. He also served as Technical Advisor and provided dialogue assistance for the movie.

The list of modifications is extensive and would make any rabid rice rocket fanboy drool. The list is as follows (all prices are in US dollars):


  • $7200 Turbonetics T-66 ball bearing turbo, Q-trim compressor, built by Performance Factory
  • $550 Turbonetics Delta II Wastegate
  • $1800 RPS Stainless steel/HTC coated custom header
  • $1275 100 HP Nitrous Oxide System, by NOS
  • $350 AEBS Turbo Downpipe
  • $1590 Greddy front mount intercooler
  • $795 Greddy Power Extreme exhaust system
  • $450 Greddy Pro-Fec B Boost Controller
  • $320 Greddy Power Pulleys
  • $795 Greddy Oil Cooler Kit
  • $350 Greddy Turbo Timer
  • $520 Greddy Boost, EGT, Oil Pressure and Water Temp gauges
  • $300 Greddy Airinx Intake
  • $400 Greddy steering wheel-mounted boost remote control device
  • $390 Greddy Cam Gears
  • $425 APEXi Blowoff valve
  • $1100 HKS Vein Pressure Converter
  • $550 HKS Graphic Control Computer
  • $440 HKS Injector Pulse Monitor
  • $1110 G-Force Engineering Racing ROM
  • $150 Hose Techniques Silicone hose kit
  • $650 Clutchmasters Stage III Racing Clutch
  • $500 Clutchmasters 11 lb. Billet Flywheel
  • $350 Powerhouse Racing ported/polished throttle body (traction control delete)
  • $2100 Powerhouse Racing cylinder head work (port/polish)
  • $750 Fluidyne aluminum radiator
  • $350 Flex-a-Lite dual electric fan kit
  • $3500 Chrome-plated valve cover, intake manifold, throttle body, turbocharger, turbo heat shield, auxiliary heat shield, fuse cover, relay cover, cruise control cover, ignition module cover and all brackets
  • $3900 Stillen/AP Racing 14" front racing brakes, 6 piston caliper, w/slotted/drilled rotors
  • $6200 Gertrag Six-Speed gearbox with Stillway sequential adapter
  • $1400 Bilstein/Eibach coil-over suspension
  • $1100 Stillen sway bars
  • $450 Cusco Front strut tower bar
  • $500 Energy Suspension urethane bushings all around


  • $6200 Lamborghini Diablo Candy Pearl Orange Paint, by Quigley's in Lake Forest, Ca.
  • $1100 Bomex Front spoiler
  • $950 Bomex side/rear skirts
  • $1900 TRD Composite Hood
  • $250 1997 front turn signal updates
  • $1100 1997 headlight updates
  • $250 Underhood neon lighting system
  • $1100 HID Xenon gas headlight conversion
  • $550 APR Aluminum bi-plane rear wing
  • $1200 Custom Troy Lee Graphics by Modern Image
  • $2200 Yokohama AVS S1 285/30 and 255/35/19
  • $4100 Dazz/Racing Hart M5 Tuners, 19 in.


1994 Toyota Craig Lieberman Supra Turbo1


Cost: €152,658 (US$150,000) (estimated value - building a replica would cost €76,329 (US$75,000))
Engine: 3L front-mounted turbocharged inline 6
Power: 405.7kW (544bhp) @ 6800rpm
Torque: Not available
Drive: RWD
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Body: 2-door coupe
Size (LWH): Not available
Curb Weight: Not available


Acceleration: 0-60mph in 4.3s, 0-100mph in 9.2s
1/4 Mile: 12.2s
Top Speed: 297.8kph (185mph)

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1. Some specs taken from the 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo.

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