Tove Torvalds' usual claim to fame is probably that she happens to be married to the kernel hacker Linus Torvalds -- you know, the guy who got bitten by a penguin and wrote that nifty x86-based terminal emulator and modem driver that he ended up making an OS kernel out of. However, describing people on grounds of them being married to someone famous sucks and is stupid, so this is not where you'll find Linus trivia. She and Linus met at the University of Helsinki in a (surprise!) computer science setting, where he was teaching basic computer science and she was among his students. According to the book "Just For Fun", the two met because one day's assignment for the students was to figure out how to send email to the teacher, and Tove used her mail to ask Linus out. But apart from that little tidbit, I'm not going to mention the name Linus any more in this writeup. HA!

At the point when Tove decided to take computer science classes, she already had an education as a kindergarten teacher (she has a bachelor's degree in child care), but she didn't want to be doing just one thing for her entire life, so she decided to take computer science as one interesting side subject. It might be fortunate, however, that she has an education that teaches dealing with children, considering that she currently has three of them (Patricia Miranda Torvalds, Daniela Yolanda Torvalds and Celeste Amanda Torvalds). She enrolled in the computer science class to learn more about computers, not to become a hacker, coding wiz or something like that, but because the things were beginning to crop up everywhere and she wanted to understand them. She never was terribly interested in coding for coding's sake.

One thing she has had a major interest in, however, was karate. Not only does she have a black belt, she has also held the Finnish karate championship title for six years running. The championships she won were not for "fighting" (few of the Karate variants that have competitions award championship titles for that), but for katas -- doing the techniques of karate with precision, skill, the right speed, and demonstrating the essence of karate rather than a mere application of karate. She is apparently no longer an active martial artist, however.

Understandably for someone with a computer science background, she seems to enjoy hanging out with hackers -- Linux guru Jon "Maddog" Hall is a close friend of hers, and is in fact the godfather of her eldest daughter Patricia.

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