Touring Band 2000.

" At the request of the band and those who worked on this project,

Music video of the American leg of Pearl Jam's 2000 world tour. Filmed by the road crew and produced by the band, it's an accompaniment to the 'official live bootleg' albums released by the band for the tour. While the bootleg albums record the entireity of a performance, Touring Band 2000 takes each song from a different concert.

All specifics given here refer to the Region 2 DVD edition.

Track List

  1. (intro)
  2. Long Road (Phoenix, AZ)
  3. Corduroy (Washington D.C.)
  4. Grievance (Houston, TX)
  5. Animal (San Bernardino, CA)
  6. God's Dice (San Francisco, CA)
  7. Evacuation (Tampa, FL)
  8. Given to Fly (St. Louis, MO)
  9. Dissident (East Troy, WI)
  10. Nothing as it Seems (Seatle, WA)
  11. Even Flow (Philadelphia, PA)
  12. Lukin (Los Angeles, CA)
  13. Not For You (Los Angeles, CA)
  14. Daughter/It's OK (Jones Beach, NY)
  15. Untitled (Las Vegas, NV)
  16. MFC (Las Vegas, NV)
  17. Thin Air (Phoenix, AZ)
  18. Leatherman (Seattle, WA)
  19. Betterman(Seattle, WA)
  20. Nothingman(Seattle, WA)
  21. Insignificance (San Francisco, CA)
  22. I Got Shit (Montreal, Canada)
  23. RVM (Seattle, WA)

  24. Wishlist (Memphis, TN)
  25. Jeremy (San Diego, CA)
  26. Evolution (San Bernardino, CA)
  27. Don't Go (Boise, ID)
  28. Parting Ways (Lubbock, TX)
  29. Rockin' In the Free World (Albuquerque, NM)

Extra features


Liz Burns
Steve Gordon
Kevin Shuss
Sound recording and mixing
Brett Eliason
Sound engineering
John Burton

Points of note

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