Author's note: This is the start of a project to node the entire history of my local soccer team. I understand that the vast majority of people on E2 not the least bit interested in soccer or boring factual nodes. I'm sorry. If you don't want to know the result, please look away now.

Season 1882/83

Tottenham Hotspur was set up in 1882 in the Northumberland Park area of North London. It takes its name from the Hotspur Cricket Club, whose land they used to play on in-between cricket seasons, and who originally took the name from Harry Hotspur, an ancestor of a local family who was immortalised in Shakespeare's Richard II and Henry IV, Part I. Its early players were taken from two local schools; St. John's School and Tottenham Grammar School, and applied to enter the first football league when the association football rules were finalised a few months later. Their first serious match took place in 1883, against neighbours Latymer.


30 Sep      * Radicals      L *
6 Jan A Latymer L 1-8
* Venue and score unknown, but lost by two goals

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