TPE stands for Total Power Exchange. It is an extension of the BDSM fetish. Eventhough it does not always includes the aspect of physical punishmentit will always use the same tactics of humiliation as BDSM. TPE howevere extends further than the bedroom, the "Master" in a TPE relationship also has total control over every aspect of the "slave's life, icluding what they wear, who they see, what they do, where they live etc. basically, the "slave" gives total emotional, mental and phisical control to the "master". This, of cause, is in addition to the bedroom BDSM behavior. For more information on BDSM, follow the hard links.

A total power exchange is a wonderful thing, if you have lived it. One does not have to take control, or make all the decisions. There is no one saying "You have to decide now." It is great, really. One is accountable to the Master, but that is nice in itself, because He/She makes the call as to what needs to be done. Personally, it is the ideal situation for someone that needs self-discipline and accountability.

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