A home gym made by Total Gym (www.totalgym.com) and sold in the UK(www.pilates.co.uk).

What do you get?

It consists of a glideboard (on which you sit, lie or kneel), a pulley system and a frame, which supports the glideboard at an incline.

The pulleys are attached to the upper end of each glideboard rail (fixed) and to the glideboard (removable). A cable with handles attached to each end runs through the pulleys. You grasp one handle in each hand, sit (etc) on the glideboard and pull. Simple resistance exercise!

There's an exercise booklet. While it helps with the basic exercises, the quality could be better for a product of this price. There's also video that covers about a third of the booklet. Two further videos are available (but not really necessary) at extra cost.

There are a number of attachments (you get some standard and others at additional expense). One of the standard ones is an ankle harness to allow leg exercises to be performed.

I enjoy using it. It's as much fun as using the separate machines down the gym for resistance exercise. The "assist" given by the glideboard incline is great for helping with chin-ups :-). There's plenty of variety in the exercise programs provided.

However, I'd have liked additional exercise suggestions to be available. Once you have started getting bored, some guidance on constructing your own exercise programs would be good, too. (But put the personal trainers out of business...)

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