A native of Navan, Co. Meath, in Ireland Tommy Tiernan is a classically trained actor, who has turned comedian with a great deal of success. He made his name doing lunchtime shows at the Kings Head pub in Galway, and has now reached the heady heights of comedy, when he appeared as the compere on the Stand Up Show after winning the Perrier Awards in 1998. Most of his act seems to revolve around a series of acute personal embarassments, which manages to endear him to the audience, because they've all been in pretty much the same place, but the results were never this bad. One of the best pieces I ever saw him perform was his experiences of a local school disco, I'd add it in here, but it wouldn't be any where near as funny, just watch it, it's brilliant

Prior to his decision to turn to comedy Tommy has appeared in Sean O'Casey's "Shadow of a Gunman" and in the feature films "Angela Mooney Dies Again" and "The Matchmaker", co-staring alongside Denis Leary.

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