And this is something that needs to concern you.

Tom Cruise is not just a great actor, he is also a highly enlightened being. He KNOWS THINGS that you and I can only dream about vaguely. He sees far more than the mortal man for he is something. You have seen him play amazing roles in the movies, but have you seen his brain? I assure you that you have not. You haven't even been in the same room as his brain. You are inadequate. And that is what it is. A lot of your feelings about Tom Cruise come about as a result of your feelings of personal inadequacy. When I look at the average noder, I laugh my ass off wondering how any of you ever expect to make anything out of your pathetic selves. You won't. You might as well stop trying.

There have been many mistakes that you have made throughout your hopeless and completely, utterly meaningless life that will NEVER amount to anything worthwhile. Tom Cruise has been there to see the majority of them. He has taken notes. And from time to time he thinks a little bit about you and the mistakes you have made. And then he orders another drink and kisses another supermodel. You will never be on the same court as him. You will on the curb, pissing your pants, wishing you had the guts and the balls to be half the man or woman that Tom Cruise is. You aren't even close.

We could all write a lengthy essay on the impact that Tom Cruise has had on our lives. There is absolutely no doubt about that. It is FACT and FACTS cannot be questioned. Where does that leave us? It leaves us in a place. Is it a comfortable place? I believe that it can be if we lay down the right bedding and approach it in the right way. Tom Cruise can help because of the insight he has into you and your problems. Let go and let Tom.

This is where we are at right now as a society. Turning to Tom Cruise for answers and for his bravery and ability to leap about and so forth is the way to go. We must let go and let Tom. He can take the wheel for a while. Remember how reassuring he was when we first saw him in the International hit movie Risky Business? Do you remember that? I do. It was reassuring, to say the least. As people lost in a world that didn't seem to understand us, Tom was very reassuring to us in that film. And we thank him for it. But do we thank him enough? How much is enough? We break into discussion groups at this point.

If you were to go to the bottom of the sea in a hyperbolic chamber with Tom Cruise, you would return to the surface as a different person than you were when you went down. This is guaranteed. I would like very much for you to follow a course of action in your life that will lead to to this point. I want you to have this experience. It would mean a lot to me if you would have this particular experience. You must agree.

Why does Tom Cruise have so much awareness of the many mistakes you have made in your life, including those that have absolute fucked over others and for which you laughed in response to their suffering? Why?

The reasons are many. Tom Cruise is an enlightened being. As such, he is able to "perceive" much that is hidden from most of us. As such, his forever expanding supermind is greater than yours. Even the insufferable code nerds must agree. Tom Cruise is FAR superior to them. They must. Agreement is the only way. We proceed. More discussion groups are needed at this point. Convene.

What I honestly think, at this point, is that you need to sit down and have a frank and honest discussion with yourself about where you stand on a variety of subjects that are pertinent to where you are at this particular point in your life. I think you need to do this. And then I think you need to reflect more on how Tom Cruise would deal with these issues than how you would. You are, to be honest, a total failure and you make me sick. I try to help but what I am left with is a tuna fish sandwich on wet bread. You are not even that much to me. You really aren't. Be sad now.

In conclusion, Tom Cruise is aware and he is aware because it is what he is. Tom Cruise is enlightened being. You are pond scum. Know the difference. Understand the difference. Accept what is true in that difference. You will have nothing. And Tom Cruise will be aware that you have nothing. And he will do nothing. Because he is enlightened being.

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